You wanted to sleep, but then you felt it. The Lump.

Can't ignore it now.

By @mkchibs, @murraysomerville, @apoorvaj and @cykelero

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorsCykelero, ApoorvaJ, maya, Murray Somerville
GenreInteractive Fiction
Made withTwine


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It's really good but super gross and a little disturbing. I think a little counter telling you how many endings out of the total you had unlocked would be useful though, or something to think about for a new project.

It's gross, romantically gross, incredibly describes those nagging feelings of unsleepable night at 3 a.m., also  (spoiler) includes one of Eric Andre Show skit....

I love it :-D


Never-ending Story. Short, cute but strange.

^ ^thank you!

now i wonder

is there an end? XD

great game

There is! It's a bit difficult to find though... ^ ^

So glad you enjoyed it!

I wasn't expecting any of that, but it was hilarious and i was needing a bit of fun today


That's great to hear :) 

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Oh, god, I just realized the video didn't post. That really makes my first comment look dickish. I really loved the lump spaghetti.


Amazing! haha! This is so great! 

Honestly did not expect any of that, much less the hand drawn horrible lump spaghetti.


If it's any consolation - it was gross to draw :) 

Overall end result was hilarious, though. Great job!

Thank you!

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I actually have a lump so I had to play The Lump
now I am one with the lump

Cool illustrations and narrative paths
I love the lump bride haha

Amazing - glad you enjoyed it! The idea came from the lumpy lymph nodes on my leg!